Liveblogging Anna Wintour’s Dinner With President Obama

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6:58PM: People are being really quiet. We feel bad about how loud our stomach is rumbling. We wonder what Anna and the Prez are having for dinner.

6:54PM: One of Anna’s neighbors is being escorted across the street and past the barricades. We want to be her so badly right now. Also, the barricades in front of Anna’s house have been removed.

6:50PM And we’re pretty sure her suit is polyester.

6:49PM: No disrespect intended, but the Secret Service is the worst dressed gov’t agency. There’s a female agent with crimped hair out here. CRIMPED, people.

6:47PM: Big NYPD truck just showed up with more metal barricades. They’re sealing us in.

6:41PM: There are guards on top of Anna’s house! They have binoculars. We are impressed.

6:38PM: The gentleman standing behind us just called Anna, “Anna Winnacker.”

6:34PM: We’re being pushed back again. For security purposes.

6:33PM: A secret service agent just said, “Here he comes.” Is he early?

6:32PM: Nevermind. Police have asked us to stay on the sidewalk. We’re super close toa man who’s doing a lot of coughing. We better not get sick.

6:30PM: We were standing about 20 feet away from Houston Street, but now we’ve been pushed back into the shadow of Saint Anthony.

6:28PM: They’ve moved everyone across the street — to the opposite side of Houston and Sullivan from Anna’s house — so we’ve found ourselves a cozy spot with the other crazy people trying to catch a glimpse of our nation’s President meet with fashion’s fearless leader. It’s both comforting and unnerving that there are approximately 70-80 other people here.

6:19PM: WWD reports that Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, and Vera Wang were among the first to arrive. We, unfortunately, did not see them. Perhaps we were charging our phone.

6:12PM: According to Jezebel, her address is 172 Sullivan. Her house is neither red nor blue but sort of grey-ish purple. Mauve?

6:10PM: We’ve abandoned our post — temporarily! — to charge our phone. Does anyone actually know which house is Anna’s? Is it the red? Or the blue?

5:58PM: We heard via a little birdie that Obama is scheduled to arrive at 7:20PM this evening. That’s no small amount of time from now.

5:46PM: There’s already a small group of people standing on the corner of Houston and Sullivan streets. MacDougal Street between Houston and Bleecker streets has not been barricaded, but there are a number of large black police trucks in front of the townhomes in the middle of the street. [Ed Note: A helpful tipster has pointed out that MacDougal runs south, so though we didn’t see a barricade at our intersection, it is barricaded from the north.

5:31PM: A long swath of Houston Street’s sidewalks are barricaded with police officers stationed in groups on every corner. This indicates the president will approach Wintour’s home from Houston and make a left onto Sullivan street.

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