Six Life Lessons We Learned from Birthday Girl Anna Wintour

No one gets her like we do.

Call it misguided hero worship, but as strongly as we believe a) everything old becomes new again and b) we will follow through with our Grand Scheme to Become Ladies as Awesome as Anna Wintour, we know even more that few people are as worthy of our undying devotion. (Never fear, Mommy and Daddy. You’re on the list too.)

We’ll keep tending to our shrines and valiantly jumping to her defense every time some dimwit within our immediate vicinity dares besmirch her good name, but we’d like to try our hands at something a bit more personal for Saint Wintour’s 64th.

Even if you take issue with Vogue‘s Photoshop policy or like blaming your seasonal affective disorder on images of hatchet-faced celebrities, there’s still a lot all of us can learn from the Madonna of the magazine industry.

So although it’d be impossible to measure how much of a positive effect she’s had on our lives, please accept this most humble attempt at putting our admiration into words befitting Her Excellency’s greatness.

1. Just because you wear sunglasses indoors and rarely smile doesn’t mean you’re 100 pounds of solid, unfeeling ice.

2. Find what works for you — the bob, nude Manolos, long coats — and stick with it unbudgingly for the rest of your (very many) days.

3. Who cares if you repeat an outfit or prop your elbows on the dinner table? That’s not a social gaffe — it’s style.

4. Help those who help themselves.

5. It’s perfectly all right to get a little (inwardly) flustered around easy-on-the-eyes sports stars.

6. You know best.

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