10 Reasons To Wish Anna Wintour A Happy 62nd Birthday

American Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour turns 62 today, but she’s not spending the happy occasion with her family — or even anywhere close to home. Instead, Wintour, ever the workaholic, is busy being the best cheerleader for the Vogue brand there is in Japan.

But just because she’s half a world away doesn’t mean we can’t (or you know, shouldn’t) wish her a happy birthday! Poke fun at her though we might from time to time, there’s really no getting around the fact that Wintour is a bona fide fashion powerhouse, and she’s more or less regulating the entire global fashion industry from an assortment of tightly organized mobile devices.

In respect to that (because really, how can you not respect this woman?) here are ten reasons you should join us in wishing Wintour the happiest of birthdays:

1. You just, you have to. That’s the way this business works.

2. She’s highly influential among Black people. No, really.

3. Outside of that, she’s not just one of the most powerful people in fashion — she’s one of the most powerful people in the world.

4. You know that whole thing about “The Devil” wearing Prada? She still fully embraces that joke. And equal rights for gays, too.

5. The November cover of Vogue kicks major ass.

6. She hates Silvio Berlusconi as much as you do.

7. She’s besties with Karl Lagerfeld, and Karl is our favorite.

8. She supports young talent! Your Alexander Wang cashmere intarsia sweater would not be a thing if it weren’t for her.

9. That earthquake in Japan? She’s there trying to make things better right now.

10. And finally, her commitment to her own personal style (even when it doesn’t look that great) is unparalleled.

So happy 62nd birthday, Anna — and here’s to many more!

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