The Curious Case Of Anna Wintour’s Favorite Boots

For the past five months, Anna Wintour has worn pretty much nothing but knee-high, pointed-toe, modestly-heeled boots. She has them in leather, suede and satin. She has them in black and various shades of brown. And they’re just, well, not very nice to look at.

We’re not the biggest fans of Anna’s style ’round these parts, but we can appreciate the power of a uniform. All of Anna’s dresses and skirts hit right below the knee. She favors simple crew necklines. She likes prints. She usually wears a really pretty necklace that is sparkly and colorful and awesome. But the shoes? They’re bad.

Yes, it’s cold outside. Yes, it’s been some version of cold since October.  As such, boots can be practical! But knee-high, pointed-toe, modestly-heeled boots are not exactly the height of fashion, nor are they particularly classic. And Anna just won’t quit them. We would like to provide her with some cold weather alternatives: tights and booties, tights and pumps, tights and sandals, tights and anything but knee-high, pointed-toe, modestly-heeled boots. (Note: Anna sometimes wears tights with her boots, so we know she owns them.)

And now, extensive photographic evidence of Anna’s offensive footwear:

And now it’s your turn.

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