Anna Wintour’s Boyfriend Speaks Out About Ambassadorship Rumors

Does Anna Wintour want to be ambassador? Doubtful. Would she do a good job in the role? We don’t see why not.

Shelby Bryan, Wintour’s boyfriend of 13 years and a mogul in his own right, gave an interview to the Daily Telegraph, and we think he hit the nail on the head with his explanation for why she’s received so much sarcasm and contempt from the media over rumors that she was under consideration for a diplomatic post: “male chauvinism.”

Everyone from Fox to ABC has given the extremely accomplished Vogue editor grief over the very suggestion that she might be appointed, which Bryan says is unfortunately not very surprising:

“It’s not just Anna – I see powerful women who really get slammed for being too forthright or running their business in a very determined way.

If [former GE CEO] Jack Welch were being named as a potential ambassador, people wouldn’t be saying, ‘Oh, but hang on, Jack’s a little strict in the way he runs his companies.”

And then, of course, there’s the fact that, to buttress their arguments against Wintour, media outlets have taken to citing the fictional film The Devil Wears Prada, a petty practice which Bryan dismisses entirely: “Everybody who knows Anna thinks that’s a joke.”

Asked whether his partner actually has any diplomatic aspirations, he gave a, well, diplomatic response:

“‘I think she would do a great job if it ever happened, but I’m not expecting it to happen. She has a great job at Vogue that she loves very much. So I don’t know about that.”

[via Daily Mail]

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