Stop The Presses! Anna Wintour Went To Brooklyn!

OMG. You guys. Guess what?! Anna Wintour left the comforting shelter of Manhattan and travelled to a scary, foreign outer borough! How DID she do it?

Ostensibly she got in a car and told her driver to take her to Frank’s Lounge in Fort Greene some time this weekend. And tons of other fashion people were there, too, like stylist Christian Stroble, Vogue accessories guru Filipa Fino, and (albeit tangentially) Wintour’s billionaire boyfriend Shelby Bryan.

So what was the most powerful woman in fashion doing in tavern so far from home? She was celebrating her stepson Sam Shaffer‘s birthday with a surprise party.

At this point, we’re thinking the same think you’re thinking: Is this a story? Did someone actually take the time to write these things down? Is it remarkable that Anna Wintour left the island?

She is a person, after all, albiet an absurdly wealthy, powerful and influential one. And like most modern people she has a tendency to go places other than her home. Like that time she went to Queens to make an appearance for Fashion’s Night Out in 2009, or more recently when she went Christmas gift shopping at the Brooklyn Flea.

Bottom line: Brooklyn is not a bad neighborhood; Anna Wintour is, at the end of the day, a lady with a family to celebrate and gifts to buy; and people are going to go where they’re going to go. The next time we see ‘Anna Wintour’ and ‘Brooklyn’ in the same headline, it had better be because she blew up Prospect Park.

Anna in B’klyn! [Page Six]

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