Suck it, Emily Post: Anna Wintour Flouts a Basic Rule of Etiquette

You know how in sappy romance novels everything’s supposed to fade away when you see that One Special Person? Anna Wintour must be our soul mate then, because this is totally what happens every time we come across any sort of film with Her Royal Vogueness in it.

No matter if Michael Kors and Hillary Freakin’ Clinton are in the same frame of Miroslava Duma‘s Instagram video — we only had eyes for our #1 idol’s magnificently swingy bob and animated gesturing and … what’s that? Her elbows on the table!

We get that most people don’t really care about fish forks and never wearing heels without stockings anymore, but 1) this is a fancy-schmancy gala, 2) every parent chides their kid for the same offense and 3) Anna Wintour’s the universe’s top tastemaker, for crying out loud!

There’s never been a better case for “if it’s good enough for her, it’s perfectly acceptable for me because I am a mere mortal unfit to even ponder such greatness. (Yet.)” So listen up, folks: It’s OK to be casual even when you’re in the company of industry giants and America’s next president. Sitting ramrod-straight and kicking yourself for forgetting if it’s outside-in or which side the bread plate’s supposed to go on is so not modern.

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