Anna Wintour For Ambassador?!

This is one rumor we are definitely NOT buying. UK paper The Observer ran a piece yesterday speculating as to whether Anna Wintour would be accepting a “plum diplomatic post” as US ambassador to the UK if President Obama is reelected, leaving fashion behind after more than twenty years at the helm of Vogue.

Quoth the Observer:

Anna Wintour has raised $500,000 for President Obama’s re-election campaign. Will an ambassador’s job be her reward?

The article points to Wintour’s “elevated political engagement” as of late, as demonstrated by the dinner she and Sarah Jessica Parker are hosting for the President and the trip to Washington, D.C. that she and Iman are making later this week. Oh, and the hefty amount of money she has helped raised for the reelection campaign. It also highlights her role in helping First Lady Michelle Obama “dress fashionably, pleasing not only the first lady but presumably her husband as well.”

While it’s true that the role of editor in chief entails a whole hell of a lot of diplomacy, mitigating disputes between hardheaded photographers and sweet talking favors out of celebrities does not a foreign policy expert make. The job would also likely constitute a pay cut for Wintour, plus there’s the necessary move across the pond from her fancy Soho townhouse. And would she still be able to find such obsequious hardworking assistants in her new post? Presumably assistant to the American ambassador doesn’t hold quite the same “a million girls would kill for this job” cachet as assistant to the editor in chief of Vogue.

In our humble opinion, what Wintour’s not-so-newfound political involvement does suggest is that the connections it helps cultivate are highly lucrative for Vogue (MObama cover, anyone?) and, somewhat less cynically, that she genuinely supports the Prez and has some very wealthy, left-leaning friends. Though we do relish the thought of the torrent of ire that would spew from Glenn Beck if such an appointment were actually made, given his reaction to a mere 45-second fundraising commercial.

[The Observer]

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