WATCH: Anna And Marc Star In Super Awkward Interview

Anna Wintour and Marc Jacobs joined Jimmy Fallon on his show last night and, like a gift from the fashion gods, it was, quite possibly, one of the most awkward talk show segments we’ve ever seen.

It starts off nice enough. Jimmy and Anna seem like old friends, though Marc seems a little nonplussed by the fact that he’s supposed to share a loveseat with Anna. (This is important, because he will spend the rest of the interview fidgeting like crazy and perched precariously on the outside edge, seemingly in the hopes of making sure he was included in the conversation.)

They chat about the Met Costume Institute Gala, which seems to be the one thing they have in common, at which point Anna takes the opportunity to shred Lady Gaga to pieces.

“We had Lady Gaga [as a performer] this year… Well, there was a brief moment where she was communing with God. And she was praying in the back, waiting for the right moment, waiting for God to tell her it was alright to go on stage… Fortunately, he gave her the message after 45 minutes.”

Oof. Beware a Wintour made to wait.

The conversation flows nicely enough from there, though there are some gems, so don’t fast-forward. Thankfully for the poor publicists who managed to wrangle this interview, Anna not-so-gently reminds Jimmy that they’re there to discuss Fashion’s Night Out, which is how we end up with the best part of the whole interview.

Jimmy is in the process of following Anna’s orders and steering the ship back to Fashion’s Night Out. He begins, “So on Friday night, next Friday night, the stores stay open later than normal, and you have, like, sales and stuff.”

At which point Anna quickly and — with sheer disgust — corrects him. “No sales. Things are full price.”

Marc and Anna’s segment starts after the second bar, right around the 17 minute mark.

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