Anna Wintour Changed Outfits Twice On Her Flight From NYC To LA

It’s amazing to us that we’ve never before wondered what Anna Wintour wears on an airplane. Probably because one doesn’t imagine Wintour flies like a normal person; one envisions her magically and instantaneously transported to wherever she needed to be, tout suite! Well, that or private jet. Anyway! It turns out Wintour does fly like a normal person, moreover, she even dresses like one — though she goes to great pains to hide it.

According to E! Online, Wintour enjoyed a couple costume changes on a recent flight from New York to Los Angeles.

Wintour boarded her commercial flight in a Vuitton dress. Well, once the plane took off she made a quick change in the bathroom. Guess she likes to be a bit more comfy when flying, because she returned to her seat wearing a pair of J Brand jeans and “a cute top,” according to a fellow passenger.

But then, shortly before the plane landed, she dashed into the bathroom. Yup, she slid back into her seat wearing the Louis Vuitton dress.

Clever! Also: a lot of effort. Which she more than made up for by having the luggage carousel stop the moment her suitcase arrived — which made it all the easier for her assistant to retrieve. Of course.

[E! Online via The Cut]

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