Anna Wintour Once Appeared on Sofia Coppola’s ‘90s Comedy Show [Updated]

Normal reactions to meeting Anna Wintour: cowering behind one of her Tolix bistro chairs or skedaddling double-time back to your seat in economy. A completely insane reaction to meeting Anna Wintour: regaling her with a 30-second-long anecdote about Kim Deal of The Breeders smearing sandwich mayonnaise into her hair.

We don’t know much about Sofia Coppola’s floppy-haired colleague — except that his name is Thurston and his normal habitation is an alley — but it’s pretty apparent he’s either got a lot of gall or absolutely no idea who he’s talking to. It takes major cojones/obliviousness, after all, to waltz into the EIC of the free world’s office, tell her a story she probably doesn’t care to hear, then ignore her leg-swinging and polite-but-brittle smile.

Hi Octane indeed.

In this 1995 episode of Sofia Coppola and Zoe Cassavetes’ short-lived Comedy Central program, our hapless host does finally get around to asking a very fresh-looking and marginally more English-sounding AW about her first fashion show. Ever the good sport, she gamely recalls being a lowly assistant sitting in the very back and how it would take two hours for the “haughty” models to go back and forth.

Then she says something so relevant it’s spooky:

“To see how [fashion shows have] gone from a black-tie experience with ladies in white gloves to the zoo it is now is amazing.”

Chills, right? Skip over the stunt-driving sequence and start at 4:09 for the interview.

UPDATE: It looks like the uploader has canceled his/her YouTube account. Awkward. As an alternative, here’s another episode of Hi Octane featuring Naomi Campbell:

HI OCTANE – Sophia Coppola – Zoe Cassavetes… by psychposters

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