Anna Wintour: Vogue Doesn’t Photoshop Its Models…Really?

Like model age and weight, the use of Photoshop is one of the hush-hush industry issues no one really likes talk about. In short,  it falls somewhere between don’t ask and don’t tell. But with the allegations surrounding Terry Richardson, Michael Kors recent stand on pre-pubescent models and the loudening call for magazines and runways to feature a more diverse cast of models, it seems the veil is slowly being lifted.

Rarely one to be left out of the discussion (or mince words). Anna Wintour finally took a moment this week to weigh in. Speaking in Boston as part of a panel with Kors and model Natalia Vodianova, the Vogue editrix joined the politically correct chorus in calling on designers to “reverse the tyranny of sample size clothing that just barely fit a 13-year-old on the edge of puberty.”

But as for her own hand in the prevailing thinness, youngness and flawlessness of those who grace her pages each month? Anna says her editors have made a “commitment” to using a wider variety of body types and only occasionally use Photoshop to erase “small imperfections.” Stop the presses. Or better yet, rewind the tape. Wasn’t it Ms. Wintour who was captured in the The September Issue calling a cameraman too fat and recommending that the art directors airbrush out his belly? And how quickly we forget the “touch-up” job she did on last month’s cover girl Tina Fey. Furthermore, a quick scan through April’s “Body Issue” reveals (you guessed it) a gaggle of the status quo. So as for the commitment Anna is talking about…well, maybe it’s a work in progress.

Via WWD.

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