Anne Christensen To Replace Tonchi At T Magazine?

Ever since Conde Nast pulled W magazine out of the Fairchild fold and back into the arms of 4 Times Square, the mastheads of fashion magazines have been playing a game of musical chairs. First Stefano Tonchi, the editor in chief of T: The New York Times Style Magazine jumped ship to replace Patrick McCarthy as the head honcho at W, then the ailing glossy’s creative director Dennis Freedman took off for unknown waters. Then Tonchi tapped New York Magazine’s Jody Quon to fill Freedman’s shoes and Lynn Hirschberg, editor at large for The New York Times Magazine, left the Grey Lady for the as of yet unconfirmed, though certainly suspected long-vacant role of Entertainment Editor at W.

Through all of this, though, T has remained relatively quiet with regards to who would be replacing Tonchi at the top of their masthead. Rumors floated that Vogue’s Sally Singer was considering the gig, but the new word on the street is that T’s fashion director Anne Christensen is first in line for the top spot.

WWD reports that Christensen “edged out another internal candidate, online director Horacio Silva,” but so far the Times has refused to comment. A source told us that Christensen is definitely angling for the gig, and we don’t blame her. It’s been over a month since Tonchi left T, and about time they replaced him.

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