Anne Hathaway Saved From Another Wardrobe Mishap By Joseph Gordon Levitt

No awards show would be complete without a sartorial snafu or two. Whether its an errant undergarment, a seam torn all the way down a rear end, or a slipping neckline, it’s pretty much bound to happen to someone. It must be all that beading or something.

At last night’s Critics’ Choice Awards, it was Anne Hathaway‘s turn to fall victim to the curse. But, luckily for her, this time the incident wasn’t quite as embarrassing as exiting an SUV sans-underwear in front of paparazzi. Instead, the spaghetti strap of her Oscar de la Renta gown snapped mid-ceremony, prompting the dashing Joseph Gordon Levitt to come to her rescue. The actor posted a snap to his Facebook page, along with a quick message:

Annie tore the strap on her dress, but luckily I had a pin :o)

Remind us to have this guy around next time we hit the red carpet.

[JGL's Facebook via StyleList]

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