PHOTOS: Anne Hathaway Gets A Pedicure With Cathy Horyn

Anne Hathaway graces the August cover of Harper’s Bazaar in a red, ruffled, and cleavage-bearing Gucci gown. Inside, she chats with Cathy Horyn about James Franco, eats basil soy protein for lunch, and rebuffs Horyn’s advice to get her toenails painted burgundy.

To whit:

She bounds through the door of the salon dressed in skinny jeans and a chunky gray sweater. After a quick greeting, she holds out two bottles of polish. “Which color is trendier?” she asks intently.

The choice is between burgundy and neon pink. Somehow she doesn’t seem the neon-pink type: too classic, the Anne of the red carpet, sheathed in Paris couture. Without makeup, without an audience to dazzle, her features soften. You might assume her to be a grad student. I vote for burgundy. Anne, who has removed her shoes, ponders. “My feet are so pale, the dark red will just make them look more so. I’ll go with the pink.”

Picking a polish color is never easy, so we can appreciate Hathaway’s dilemma. But turning down Horyn’s advice? Ballsy!

Please follow the format: For the full interview and more photos of Anne Hathaway, go to Harper’s Bazaar, and pick up the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar, on newsstands July 12th.

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