Annie Leibovitz Lands A Pay Day Shooting Stam For Jones NY

Curious what “accessible luxury” looks like? You know, that intangible middle ground between mom jeans and $500 stilettos that J.Crew has managed to master and every other mass market retailer is trying desperately to replicate.

Well, trip it down to Grand Central Terminal today where word is famed photographer Annie Leibovitz and a leggy entourage that includes Jessica StamHilary Rhoda and Jacquetta Wheeler will be doing their best to capture it for the new Jones New York ad campaign. Because if you can’t have Jenna Lyons

Anyway, at first the move might seem a surprising one — after all, Leibovitz is known for the high-fashion snaps that regularly grace the pages of Vogue andVanity Fair. And to be honest, Stam, Rhoda and Wheeler aren’t slouches either. But the fact is the cachet hungry company has the money to blow on big names, and frankly who can afford to turn down a decent pay day? Can’t speak for Stam, but Annie’s financial troubles — to the tone of $24 million in debt — are pretty well known.

More, the well-established Leibovitz aesthetic seems perfectly suited for Jones New York’s concept of accessible luxury — her work regularly taking the low brow (think Miley Cyrus) and juxtaposing it with the high. As for the the next step in the Jones merch-march, we wait patiently for a Michelle Obama endorsement.

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Dan Abrams, Founder