Halloween Shop Pulls ‘Anna Rexia’ Costume From Online Shelves

Do you know what would just be the absolute best? If people stopped using anorexia jokes to make money, which is exactly what the people at costume and makeup shop Ricky’s had planned on doing this Halloween season.

Until yesterday, the Ricky’s Halloween website, where you can find a plethora of sexy costumes and other Halloween accoutrement, featured a getup it was calling the “Anna Rexia” costume, a clever but unfunny take on the eating disorder anorexia nervosa. So how do you dress like Miss Rexia? By wearing a skintight black minidress silkscreened (cheaply, no doubt) with a ribcage, spinal cord and pelvis. Then, you put a saucy bow/bone in your hair and walk around all night obsessively measuring how small your waist is. So small you can see your own ribcage!

But the costume’s saga gets worse. As it turns out, this is nothing new — it’s been floating around since 2008 thanks the the brilliant minds at costume distributors Dreamgirl Direct. (They even make a plus size version.) That they would even think to make such a costume is unconscionable; that they hadn’t stopped selling it three years after it initially stoked the fires of controversy is just embarrassing.

Ricky’s wasn’t actually selling the costume — according to Gothamist the offensive duds were “coming soon.” We get that people wear some pretty messed up stuff on Halloween, but the idea that no one in the Ricky’s buying office thought this one in particular was going a little too far makes us wonder about the judgment the company applies to its other products.

But hindsight is always 20/20. The company said in a statement yesterday: “We seriously apologize if this costume has offended anyone. The costume has been taken down from our store due to the complaints and we didn’t realize the kind of harm this would cause.”


[The Village Voice via Gothamist]

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