3 Accessories That Could Actually Help Save Your Life

If you’re afraid the apocalypse is coming and you want to face it on the bleeding edge of fashion, you might be in luck. Accessory design students are starting to experiment with ways to incorporate life-saving devices into everything from purses to trench coats.

From FashionisingTech comes the story of Alvaro Soto, John Paul Rangel, Justin Blanc, students are Parsons who are imagining ways for luxury companies to help their customers get ready — and stay ready — for a variety of catastrophic events. There’s a handbag that turns into a gas maks in the event of a bioterrorism attack, a purse that contains all of your most intimate and important information physically and electronically (think blood type and medical history, with a handy pocket for your passport), and a three-in-one trench coat/life preserver and handbag.

Granted it’s probably going to be a while before anything this extreme makes it to the marketplace — and rich people are going to have to be really, really scared before they actually shell out for, say, shoes that can detect nuclear activity or earrings that can keep your ear, nose and throat safe from, um, errant mold spores trained to do their worst by Hamas. And while it’s kinda scary to know that there are innovative minds out there who think this kind of stuff might be necessary one day, it’s good to know that if we ever need it, it’ll be out there. For a price.

Check out a few of the life-saving accessories below.

[FashionisingTech via BitRebels]

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