Passively Resist Rape With This Modern Chastity Belt

Gone are the day of unfashionable chastity belts with fiddly key locks. It’s time to liberate your loins from their titanium shackles, and cast off the irons chains from your rusty skivvies. For a new dawn is rising on our sexual predator-ridden world in the form of these super-stylin’ new anti-rape undies from AR Wear, which are now being crowd-funded on IndieGogo.

Ruth and Yuval, the entrepreneurial New York-based duo behind the protective girdles, start off with an easily-digestible statement: “Rape is about as wrong as it gets.” This is correct. They follow this up with the claim that a pair of rape-proof underwear “will not solve the fundamental problem that rape exists in our world.” This is also correct. But while we wait for the awareness-raising and and justice-giving to take place, you can now protect yourself while running at night, going on first dates, “clubbing” or traveling in unfamiliar countries. And all without risking VPL, one of less favorable side effects of the steel-plated panty girdles of yesteryear.

Each pair of AR Wear underwear is un-rippable, un-pullable and un-cuttable while being comfortable and smooth-fitting. The makers also read studies and concluded that, “an item of clothing that creates an effective barrier layer can allow women and girls to passively resist an attacker, in addition to any other form of resistance they may be able to carry out at the time of an assault.”

This is how the ergonomic undies function:

The waist, thighs, and central panels are protected with specially designed, cut resistant straps and webbing. Once the waist girth has been adjusted and secured with its unique locking device, the garment cannot be pulled down. Since a female’s waist measurement is generally less than that of her pelvic area, the waist strap can be locked at a comfortable position and still prevent unwanted removal of the garment. The thigh straps, after an initial adjustment by the wearer, prevent the leg openings from being lifted or shifted to the sides by someone else. The center panels are connected to both the waist and thigh straps to create a unified protective skeletal structure.

However, one problem remains: That of shifting the blame from the rapist to the rape victim. Both Daily Dot and the Belle Jar have pointed out that AR Wear fails to address the face that many rapes are committed by men women know (and might therefore be willing to remove her AR Wear for) and that rape shouldn’t have anything to do with what a woman is wearing. To which we would like to add some observations of our own:

a) They look weird,

b) Are they available for men?

c) Women shouldn’t have to struggle with going to the bathroom in order to feel safer,

d) What if you have an inverted triangle, rectangle or diamond body shape?

and d) they still look weird.

AR Wear has, however, raised over $27,000 of its $50,000 goal.

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