Teen Vogue Does Magical Things To Ashley Greene’s Neck

We are stunned by Ashley Greene‘s cover and spread for March’s issue of Teen Vogue. Not because she looks beautiful and she’s wearing great clothes — those are things we already knew were true about her. No, we’re stunned because somewhere between the cover and her spread in the magazine, her neck extends and contracts by about three inches.

Unless she and her publicist have been hiding a rare medical condition that separates Greene’s vertebrae to the point that she resembles a giraffe — and does it sporadically — this has to be the work of some pretty egregious Photoshopping. Again, Photoshop disasters are something that we simply can’t stand around these parts, mostly because they happen so often to women who are already impossibly gorgeous — women like Ashley Greene. But in the quest to make Greene even more ridiculously good looking, whoever did the work on these photos just ended up making her look like ET. Or A giraffe. Or that creepy scene in Black Swan where Natalie Portman‘s neck starts getting longer.

We love Greene, and of course we can’t blame her for this — we’re sure she wouldn’t want to look like a giraffe-alien, either. But she does. We’re surprised no one at the magazine noticed that the photo and art departments fell asleep at their posts on this one. It’d be bad enough if this were grown-lady Vogue, but for a magazine that’s supposed to cater to impressionable teenage girls, this is just all kinds of bad.

Ashley Greene Does Teen Vogue [CocoPerez]
Ashley Greene’s Teen Vogue cover shoot photos [Teen Vogue]

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