Syrian First Lady’s Assets To Be Frozen After Luxury Shopping Spree

After e-mail archives of Syrian first lady Asma al-Assad’s extravagant shopping habits were leaked yesterday, The Daily Telegraph reports that her assets in European Union member states will be frozen.

Emails uncovered by the Guardian show that, while her country was (and still is) in the midst of a violent civil war, al-Assad spent thousands on fine jewelry, custom furniture, and art, among other things. She, along with several family members, will also be added to the EU’s blacklist later this week.

In addition, al-Assad might face a travel ban, but since she was born in Britain, she would technically be allowed to travel to and from the UK — only if she kept her citizenship.

Like crystal meth-selling Aussie model Simone Farrow, al-Assad also created different aliases to fuel her online shopping habits. And just like Farrow, al-Assad was caught. They just never learn, do they?

It’s safe to say that Vogue won’t profile al-Assad again, but if they do, it definitely won’t be as glowing.

[The Daily Telegraph]

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