Buy This Because We Did: ASOS Marky Brogues

We have found the best shoes of the season. And they cost less than $60. You should probably buy a pair or five.

Are you a lady who likes flats? Do you think most-to-all shoes should have laces? Do you like to be comfortable whilst walking? Do you think shoes should be affordable? (Bonus question: do you have small feet? This is not a requirement!) Well, then the ASOS Marky brogues are for you.

These shoes are ridiculously comfortable, cheap ($57.50!), and come in size 5. We recently bought the leopard suede ones, but now we’re contemplating getting the pink patent ones and the crimson patent ones and the metallic bronze ones and the two-tone ones. They’re like Pokemon! Gotta catch ‘em all!

Also, ASOS has free shipping, free returns, and generally makes it way too easy to buy lots of things. Look, HAPPY FEET:




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