Australian Mom Accuses “Hot Mom” of Body-Shaming

Shield your eyeballs, Hot Mom: You’ve got competition, and she’s got cellulite.

Taryn Bumfitt, a 35-year-old Australian woman, is one of many women not happy with Hot Mom Maria Kang‘s fat-shaming body image campaign.

In case you missed it, Kang was the one who posted a picture of her very ab-ly self surrounded by her three small children, with the caption, “What’s your excuse? The picture went viral, and Kang soon became the Kim Kardashian of internet-famous housewives — equal parts loathed and lauded. Her fame escalated further when she chimed in on another viral sensation — a Facebook campaign by Curvy Girl Lingerie that called for “real women” to post selfies of their un-photoshopped, lingerie-clad selves. Her beef, in summary, was that the women were sanctioning the existence of cellulite and extra body fat. She later non-apologized for her harmful words.

But Bumfitt, like many, hasn’t accepted the non-apology. Instead she’s charging into the media shitstorm via her Body Image Movement website, where she’s penned an open letter to Kang and posted her own non-traditional before-and-after photo. In the first image, she’s posing in a bikini and Kang-esque stance as a competitor in some fitness competition. In the second, taken a year afterwards, she’s has three children and 20 extra pounds on her. The picture first hit the web earlier this year and was viewed 3.6million times and shared by nearly 20,000 Facebook users in two weeks.

Bumfitt, who last year whittled her frame down to Kang standards for a fitness competition, voiced her own beef thusly:

“…of course people just focused on how good I looked, and how inspirational I was and completely glossed over the fact that there was a heap of blood, sweat and tears (and not just my own tears) to get to that position. It became apparent that no one truly understood the level of commitment it takes to look like I did (or Maria does for that matter).

And that is why I take great exception to Maria’s comments.

To look like she does is (for most people) completely doable, if you are willing to sacrifice most of the things that you love. And I wasn’t willing to do that. I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy hanging out with my kids, sleeping in on the weekends, eating what I want and when I want and having the occasional night out with the girls.”

Amen, sista.

See her obesity promotion before-and-after shots below.


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