Authorities Won’t Prosecute DJs From The Kate Middleton Hoax

CEO of the radio company, Rhys Holleran, announced in December that the show would no longer be on the air.

Authorities have elected not to prosecute two Australian DJs on charges of manslaughter, after the nurse they prank called for details on Kate Middleton‘s recent hospitalization was found dead a few days later. The death of Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse in question at King Edward VII‘s hospital, was ruled a suicide, BBC reports.

Mel Greig and Michael Christian apologized publicly on Australian television for allegedly calling the Saldanha at the hospital, pretending to be members of the royal family, and soliciting information from one of her colleagues regarding the Duchess’s illness (which was later revealed to be pregnancy-related acute morning sickness). The Crown Prosecution Service officially stated that they had no real cause for extraditing the duo to England, and none for actually prosecuting them. Their show, 2DayFM, was taken off of the air in December.

“However misguided, the telephone call was a harmless prank,” said deputy head Malcolm McHaffie.


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