Why Is Azealia Banks’ Dazed & Confused Cover Getting Banned?

The September issue of British fashion/culture glossy Dazed & Confused featuring Harlem rapper/fashion darling Azealia Banks is due out in stores next week. Unless, that is, you live in one of the seven countries that have already banned the cover from hitting newsstands.

The magazine tweeted this afternoon:

“Just been told our upcoming @AZEALIABANKS cover has been banned from 7 countries so far. Thank God for the Internet, huh?”

Why the extreme measures, you ask? Well, we’re not quite sure yet, but we have some ideas:

1. Banks takes a cue from Hailee Steinfeld is shown doing something super dangerous like sitting on train tracks.

2. The lewdest lyrics from 212 are splashed across the cover in size 72 font. “I guess that $%^# gettin’ eaten,” anyone?

3. The rapper looks twelve; is half-naked. If this seems unlikely, remember that she was in fact born in the nineties and does have a serious predilection for Mickey Mouse gear.

4. She tries to be subversive by replacing this fork with a gun, LiLo style.

5. Boobs.

But, you know, even if it was banned for any of those reasons, couldn’t they just slap a Playboy-style poly-bag on it and call it a day? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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