WATCH: Let The Backstreet Boys Serenade You With A Holiday Tune

Man, Jimmy Fallon has really been killing it with the musical guests lately, eh? First Macklemore and Ryan Lewis stopped by the set to perform “Thrift Shop”, hands down our favorite jam of the moment, and last night The Backstreet Boys hit the stage to promote their new Christmas album and treat us to a throwback tune.

And, ok, they weren’t exactly the musical sensations we remember from that Backstreet’s Back concert we went to in 1997, but we’ll let that slide because between this, their Old Navy commercial, and the Spice GirlsOlympics reunion, it’s like all of our grade school music fantasies are coming true this year.

First up we have the boys’ new Christmas song “It’s Christmas Time Again”, which, admittedly, is probably not going to become a holiday classic. But on a more positive note, isn’t Nick Carter looking fine these days?

And then one of our all-time favorite BSB jams “As Long As You Love Me”:

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Dan Abrams, Founder