Bananas! Taylor Jacobson Hired By Armani Exchange

Since the sad passing of Taylor Jacobson (aka Tay-Tay) from the wonderfully wacky world of Zoe, we’ve been wondering what the leopard loving, bleach-blond stylist cum Bravo-lebrity would get into next.

A spin-off? Target collaboration? A line of Wayfarer-inspired sunnies? Nope, instead it seems the former member of team Rachel has been tapped by Armani Exchange to serve as a “visual consultant” for their sprawling, Robertson Boulevard concept-store.

What exactly is a visual consultant? Who knows. But we have to believe the new project is a good one, especially for Exchange. Because if anyone could put an end to the horror that is the A/X logo-riffic baby tee, you better believe it would be the super-stylish former Zoe-tege. Of course now the cast of the Jersey Shore might have to find somewhere else to shop.

[via The Fashionably Independent]

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