Bar Refaeli Makes Out With A Go Daddy Geek For Her First Super Bowl Ad

And now for our next installation of Sex and the Super Bowl…

Kate Upton isn’t the only model lending her considerable talents to a commercial spot on Sunday. Bar Refaeli will also be making her Super Bowl debut, in an ad for Go Daddy, a domain registration and web hosting platform. If you think that sounds like a rather unsexy thing for the Israeli swimsuit model to be shilling, well, it is. But the company’s advertising is notoriously heavy on the scantily-clad women schtick, so we guess this commercial is to be expected.

Their newest spot is part of the “Smart Meets Sexy” campaign, and co-stars actor Jesse Heiman, who plays the part of a Go Daddy engineer (the “smart” part of the equation, since apparently the two are mutually exclusive). The commercial features a drawn-out kiss between the odd couple, which is made even more uncomfortable by the extreme close-up and lack of background music.

AdWeek reports that a Go Daddy release states the kiss merited 45 takes, and that “two other versions of this ad were rejected by CBS for being too indecent.” As for Heiman, he apparently told the company that the role made him feel like he won the “championship of men.” Yep, sounds about right.

Watch the full video below:


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