Presidential Hair Watch: Did Obama Dye His ‘Do Darker?

While most people’s eyes were on Michelle Obama and her show-stopping Alexander McQueen gown, a few pairs strayed over to a different beat: the color of the President’s hair.

In a post published last night, Gawker compared two side-by-side images of President Obama. One taken on the morning of the State Dinner, and one taken at the State Dinner itself, in which Obama’s hair is noticabley darker. Intrigued, we took a look for ourselves.

On the morning of the 19th, Obama’s hair is visibly grey — let’s call it a solid salt and pepper. At the State Dinner, Obama’s hair is decidedly darker, with perhaps a debatable patch of grey on either temple. More importantly, though, Obama’s hair is pressed a fair amount closer to his head, which one assumes is the result of product. Chen’s follicular hypothesis seems valid — but here’s the kicker: as of Thursday evening (see our third slide), Obama’s hair is grey again. Product it is! As commenter Eurotrash I Am wrote:

Nooooo people! Listen, he moisturized his hair (black people do this), which can noticeably darken hair after it is applied. And it looks like he applied it pretty thoroughly. Notice how the texture almost appears different in the second one. He did the classic grease-and-brush.The more you knoooooow.

That settles it: Obama’s chameleon-like color changing is a result of his product — not his vanity. That brings this edition of Presidential Hair Watch to a close. Stay tuned for next time, when we dissect the length of Obama’s sideburns as a measure of America’s economic stability.

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