8 Stylish Alternatives to Health-Damaging Fashions (That Are Overrated Anyway)

We all suffer for fashion. Sometimes physically, and sometimes emotionally. Just this past weekend I spent the remainder of my paycheck on a new coat just before the weekend, and couldn’t afford protein on my brunch the next day. The pain was real.

But did you know we’re also suffering in the name of being unfashionable? At least this seems to be the takeaway from a shocking new infographic revealing that bone-crushingly tight clothing is not the best for you. Neither — look away now, if you happen to be a 14-year-old rapper from 1998 — are fat wallets worn in the back pocket of your jeans. Or giant oversized handbags.¬†Enormous dangly earrings? Also out. And constricting, ill-fitting bras? We know they’re so on-trend, but they can also make your breasts sag like a hairless labia major. Sorry!

Here’s what’s in fashion, according to science:
1. Dangly, heavy earrings
2. Constricting, ill-fitting bras
3. Wallet worn in back pocket
4. Thong underwear
5. Heavy handbags with thin straps
6. Tight belts
7. Tight pants
8. High heels

And here are eight healthy alternatives, according to us:

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