Benneton’s ‘UnHate’ Ad Features People Fighting, Making Out

There’s a pretty wide swath of human emotion between hate and lust, but we don’t think anyone told that to the people at The United Colors Of Benneton.

The clothing company, which has drawn fire recently for its controversial UnHate campaign ads featuring Photoshopped images of world leaders kissing each other, also made a commercial for the campaign. But in this commercial, you only see people doing two things: beating the crap out of each other or ripping each others clothes off.

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OK — that’s an oversimplification of the artistic intent behind the commercial, but it’s really not that far off. In one frame you’re looking at little boys in a schoolyard brawl, then you’re looking at a gay couple in the throes of passion. Next second there’s a massive SWAT team facing down an angry mob, which cuts to a guy and a girl running through the woods, jumping into a lake and wrapping themselves around each other underwater. (Afterward, two Muslim women look around nervously before proceeding to get it on.)

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We get what they’re trying to say — you can and should be able to love who you want to love, and the world shouldn’t be able to do anything about. In fact, this commercial screams, the world should just take a chill pill and focus more on its similarities than its differences and stop sending men with guns to solve disputes that could be settled with with peaceful debate. We see it, honestly we do. But the thing is, just because you can get along and work with someone doesn’t mean you should also want to make babies with them, or even get to second base.

Take a look at the commercial below, and tell us if you think it goes too far.

[via Queerty]

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