Bernard Arnault To Sue French Newspaper For Public Insult

CEO of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton and France’s richest man Bernard Arnault got a very rude awakening when he opened up the newspaper this morning — a picture of him on the cover of Libération under the headline “Casse-toi riche con!”, which can be (politely) translated to “Get lost, rich idiot!”, was staring back.

The Libération cover is wordplay based on a comment made by former President Nicolas Sarkozy when an agricultural trade show attendee refused to shake his hand. He said, “Casse-toi alors, pauvre con!” which means “Get lost then, bloody idiot!”, or, if translated more literally, “Get lost then, poor idiot!” According to WWD, Arnault has said he plans to charge Libération with public insult.

The offending headline comes on the heels of rumors that Arnault would be moving to Belgium after the French government announced a plan to impose a 75 percent income tax on citizens making €1 million or more (Arnault’s net worth is currently estimated at €32 billion). French President Francois Hollande also chided Arnault in a televised address for applying for French-Belgian dual citizenship.

However, Arnault has stressed that he will remain a fiscal resident of France and has no intention of moving his money outside French borders. Having dual citizenship would not change Arnault’s tax status.



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