How Much Would You Pay For Bernie Madoff’s Underwear?

If you could own a piece of Ponzi scheme history, but that piece was actually 14 pieces of underwear, how much would you bid on it? We ask because someone in Miami just paid $200 for two week’s worth of disgraced investor Bernie Madoff‘s boxers.

The aforementioned unmentionables somehow made their way into an auction of stuff confiscated from Madoff’s Palm Beach mansion — and the auctioneers tried to sell literally everything that wasn’t nailed down. From traditional ritzy auction items like Edward Weston photography and a plethora of Rolexes, to an honorary degree from Yeshiva University, bidders bid on objects from every part of Madoff’s life.

The Miami Herald reports that a healty share of the lots went to anonymous Internet bidders — like whoever bought Madoff’s shorts. And while at first we thought it was a little creepy that someone would pay so much for someone’s used underwear, but then we remembered that there are a lot of people who would probably pay top dollar for stuff like that on eBay — a number of people told the Herald that’s where their auction haul would end up. (Of course, another couple told Mogulite they bought a set of his golf clubs because they were a “good investment.” But hey, if something’s got a healthy resale value, maybe it is a sound investment — sounder, anyway, that a Ponzi scheme.

[The Miami Herald]

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