From Jackie O to Lolita, The 73 Most Iconic Sunglasses Of All Time

iconic sunglasses
“With my sunglasses on, I’m Jack Nicholson,” the actor once said. “Without them, I’m fat and 60.”

Pop Chart Lab, the geniuses behind a plethora of infographs documenting everything from cocktails to haircuts, have rounded up the 73 of the most famous specs of all time. And while Nicholson and his Ray Bans might not have made the cut, his sentiment holds true for all of the iconic eye candy. Whether simply a fashion statement or a device for masking nights that got mad real à la Kanye, eyewear has the power to transform a look in an instant and has even parlayed the fame of characters both real and make-believe.

On the fictitious front, some of Pop Chart Lab’s selections include Dolores “Lolita” Haze with her cherry red, heart-shaped frames, Breakfast at Tiffany’s heroine Holly Golightly in Olivier Goldsmith’s ‘Manhattan’ sunglasses, and Ferris Bueller with his skipping school clubmasters.

Among the most notable real life icons are Jackie O with her oversized round frames, Kurt Cobain and his ironic Christian Roth cat eyes, Karl Lagerfeld and those plastic aviators, and of course, Elton John who has one of the world’s most enviable eyewear treasure troves.

The cheeky 18″ x 24″ chart can grace a wall near you for a mere $27 and comes signed by the artists, as well as numbered from a first printing of 500. Purchase it here, and view 15 of our favorite picks, below:

jackie o sunglasses

elton john sunglasses

holly golightly sunglasses

karl lagerfeld sunglasses

steve mcqueen sunglasses

kanye west sunglasses

rachel zoe sunglasses

annie hall sunglasses

kurt cobain sunglasses

thelma louise sunglasses

ferris bueller sunglasses

lolita sunglasses

johnny depp sunglasses

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