Happy Father’s Day! Here Are 10 Of Our Favorite On-Screen Dads

For Mother’s Day, we honored our favorite television and movie matriarchs, because being a mom is hard. But today we turn our heads to all the pops that served as our beloved on-screen role models — because dads don’t exactly have it easy.

Filling the shoes of a great TV or movie dad doesn’t come naturally for all men. Remember Jack Nicholson in The Shining? Yeah, well, he was a dad in that film. And that didn’t work out so well for anyone. On-Screen Dad must have either impeccable comedic timing or he needs to be the most loving, sincere, awesome dad on the planet. No one likes a crappy On-Screen Dad.

He needs to be handsome, but normal-looking enough so that audiences believe that he lives in whatever suburban neighborhood that he does and that his career is whatever it is (except for Bruce Willis in Armageddon…not everyone’s dad can save the world from Apocalypse).

Without further adieu, here are the dads that made on-screen life look awesome. And be sure to watch the video if you’re ready to turn on the water works. Now go call your dad!

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