Beth Ditto Would Like You To Look In Her Fridge

Beth Ditto, lead singer of The Gossip, says she’s tired of downright tired of having to defend her size (and quite frankly, we don’t blame her) because she knows that thin doesn’t necessarily mean healthy.

“It’s really interesting to me that people will look at a thin person and go, ‘That’s a healthy person.’ I want to go, ‘Come open my refrigerator and look and then let’s talk about what you think is so bad.'”

Ditto, who says she eats a balanced diet, says she knows a lot of thin people who do very unhealthy things to maintain their low body mass indexes.

“… Some people literally do coke all the time. Some people smoke cigarettes instead of eating. That’s crazy. But that’s ‘okay’ because you look healthier.”

Now, we don’t want to attribute rampant drug use to all thin people, but we did discover just the other day that some young models eat cotton balls to stay thin. Ditto’s biggest complaint is that thin people get to be role models, while she gets attacked for flaunting her body the same way skinny women use theirs.

And while we can’t abide the extremes some people reach for in order to fit into sample sizes, we’re pretty comfortable saying Beth Ditto should be a role model for her music and her outspoken bravery. The bottom line: be yourself and be healthy. No girl should do drugs to look like Kate Moss, and no girl should overeat to look like Ditto.

[Via Contact Music]

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