Meet Beth Shak, The Woman With 1,200 Pairs Of Shoes

You might recognize Beth Shak from her recent World Series tournament in Las Vegas, or perhaps, like us, you’ve spotted her on an episode of Millionaire Matchmaker. Either way, the professional poker player buys a new pair of shoes every time she competes, which might explain why her closet could rival the shoe department at Saks — she owns over 1,200 pairs.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, Shak has built her collection over the last seven years. We did the math, and that works out to 171 shoes a year, or 14 pairs a month, or, basically, a new pair every other day. 700 of them sport the signature red soles of her favorite designer, Christian Louboutin, who she says “has an eye for design” and “knows what a woman wants. He’s also the man behind her most expensive pair: alligator pumps for upwards of $4000.

But when asked who her favorite designers are, she says, “I’ve never been a brand person. If I see something beautiful, I get it.” Sounds like a good strategy.

And since we were intrigued, we dug up a few more details on Shak. Here’s a (kind of terribly done) peek inside Shak’s closet:

And here’s a clip of Shak on The Millionaire Matchmaker:

We love shoes (though generally on the flatter side of things) as much as the next fashion writer, but Shak’s collection feels a bit excessive. Then again, she makes her own cash and should be able to spend it however she wants. What do you think about Shak’s collection? Inspring? Or absurd?


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