Happy Birthday, Betsey: A Toast To Your Youth!

There’s a reason why Betsey Johnson is one of the five designers we’d love to have as our besties. And one of the things we love most about Betsey is that she never seems to run out of that youthful glow we know and love.

The birthday girl, who turned 68 today, embodies the ultimate success story of an international designer. With over 30 years under her brand’s belt, you’d imagine that all the fashion shows, the countless hours spent at a sewing machine, and the efforts put into maintaining her success would have taken their toll on the fashion genius.

But no, that’s not the case. Not the case at all.

Johnson is looking fantastic for her age and at 68, she’s never looked fresher.

Having been part of the youthquake fashion movement of the 1960s, we don’t think she’ll ever get over her knack of kicking it with the rock stars and the artistically daring.

In an interview with The Fashion Informer, she said that if she didn’t pursue a career in design, she would have joined the Rockettes — well, that explains the whole cartwheel-post-show phenomenon.

Her encouragement for models to go crazy on the runway, the fact that it’s hard to find a photo of her without that signature mile-long smile, and the infamous “Guys ‘heart’ B.J.” screened tank shows that this designer has a sense of humor like no other — and one that transcends age.

So what could the Betsey be doing to celebrate? We imagine a crazy marathon of dress-up with her daughter Lulu, a Barbie pink cake as big as one of her stores, a night at Paris’ Moulin Rouge to kick it with the can-can dancers, and one intense round of cartwheels. Whatever it may be, the Styleite team is toasting its glass to her.

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Dan Abrams, Founder