PHOTOS: Beyoncé Covers Flaunt Magazine In Just Body Paint & Jewelry

When Beyoncé speaks, we listen. When Beyoncé gets photographed wearing nothing except serious statement jewelry and all of the body paint, we drop our jaws and make weird indecipherable noises. When she does both of these things before we’ve had our second cup of coffee, we are not ready for this jelly and are yet SO READY at the same time.

Should-be topper of Forbes’ Most Powerful list and healer of early-teenage body issues Beyoncé Knowles has emerged in all her shimmering glory for an incredible spread and cover for Flaunt magazine. It seems safe to bet that body glitter will be making a huge comeback this summer, and we won’t be surprised if Ricky’s is sold out of the stuff by the time we make it down to Broadway for lunch.

There’s also an interview which demonstrates how would-be mundane things are made brilliant in the context of Queen Bey. This involves the contents of her ideal picnic basket (cozy blanket, red wine, fruit and an iPod playing ’90s R&B), her favorite type of stain (milk) and the fabulous Miss Tyra (Sanchez, that is). #Checkuponit here if you’re not still seeing stars glitter.

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[Flaunt Magazine]

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