Beyoncé Has A Beyoncé Room Filled With All Beyoncé Everything

Apparently, sometimes even Beyoncé has to remind herself of just how much (and why, and how) she rules the world. To that end, the pop star keeps a meticulous, borderline-crazy sounding “archive room” in her midtown Manhattan office, according to the interview that accompanies her racy February GQ cover that was released yesterday.

According to the piece, writer Amy Wallace walked into the interview, surely an intimidating scenario to begin with, to find a camera facing the superstar with a red light blinking away, recording their every word. Wallace goes on to employ a whole host of adjectives to describe Queen Bey — “luminous”, “hypercomposed”, “elegant”, “iconic” — but we wouldn’t be surprised if “OCD” also could have accurately been among them, given the nature of the room just down the hall:

There, across from the narrow conference room in which you are interviewing her, is another long, narrow room that contains the official Beyoncé archive, a temperature-controlled digital-storage facility that contains virtually every existing photograph of her, starting with the very first frames taken of Destiny’s Child, the ’90s girl group she once fronted; every interview she’s ever done; every video of every show she’s ever performed; every diary entry she’s ever recorded while looking into the unblinking eye of her laptop.

In a sample “diary entry” she urges herself to embrace her fears: “Stop pretending that I have it all together. If I’m scared, be scared, allow it, release it, move on. I think I need to go listen to ‘Make Love to Me’ and make love to my husband.” She also obsessively studies tapes of her performances, critiquing every last detail, and employs a “visual director” who has followed her around 16 hours a day since 2005, recording nearly her every move, and keeps the tapes in a collection “loosely modeled on NBC’s library.”

Some of this, of course, has gone into the HBO documentary about her life coming out in February, but we have to wonder what will be done with the rest. Will there one day be years worth of all-Beyoncé-all-the-time video available for public consumption? The mind boggles.


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