Beyonce’s New Video And The Return Of Retro Glam

Beyonce has just released a video for her new single, “Why Don’t You Love Me?” and following in the footsteps of her “Video Phone” Bettie Page look, Ms. Knowles plays the pin-up to the nth degree. Shot with 8mm-esque film and featuring a set straight out of The Wonder Years (and, perhaps more appropriately, Dreamgirls), “Why Don’t You Love Me?” follows Beyonce through a series of housekeeping mishaps — throughout all of which she’s dressed to the nines and swigging from a dirty martini. Why don’t you love her, indeed.

Anyway, the retro glam look is clearly making a comeback. Last night’s Met Gala had no shortage of marcelled finger waves and the high-waist doesn’t appear to be going anywhere but up.

So, on that same retro-train-of-thought, more important than the song or Beyonce’s hair or the fact that she (gasp!) smokes a cigarette or even any one of her numerous and totally fabulous outfits is her proclivity for knee-high hose, which she typically pairs with one thigh-high leg so as to be sartorially asymmetrical.

Can we just please put a stop to these Anti-Embolism Stockings right here and now? Because if one more person wears them out of the house, it’s a bona fide trend. And that’s just wrong. Sasha Pivovarova wore them to the Met Gala, for Vogue’s sake! We’re all for retro — and we’ll happily back the thigh-high (though very few women can pull it off without, god forbid!, thigh-spillage — but lets please let these grandma socks stay where they belong: on our grandmas.

Anyway, here’s the video, which is what you probably wanted to see in the first place. And because I don’t think I made it clear enough earlier: it’s rad.

“Why Don’t You Love Me” – BeyoncĂ© from BeyoncĂ© on Vimeo.

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