WATCH: Beyoncé Tells Oprah How She Does It

Just before her heavily advertised and hotly anticipated documentary aired last night, Beyonce sat down with Oprah Winfrey to talk about the perils of fame and the joys of new motherhood. It was a nice enough interview with a fair amount of “Amen, sister!” moments, but we mostly couldn’t stop staring enviously at that perfect, perfect shade of pink lipstick Bey was rocking.

When Oprah asks how Beyonce maintains her sense of self while confined to the “prism” of fame, the singer’s response that she dances to the beat of her own drum comes as no surprise to her loyal followers. She replies:

“I feel like for whatever reason — probably because of my mother, my foundation — it’s one of the things that i’ve always been connected to. I always knew who i was, and I never felt the need to follow anyone, or do what anyone else was doing, even when I was a teenager.”

It’s clear that Queen B thrives more when she’s got control of the reins and the information she’s distributing — like her Tumblr page, for example — so maybe the talk show setup, with Oprah posing the questions and steering the conversation, didn’t suit her quite as well.

Watch the clip and seriously, tell us where she got her lipstick.

Beyoncé on Finding Balance Between Her Public and Personal Lives


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