WATCH: Beyoncé Counts Down To The Super Bowl With New Rehearsal Video

With the country still reeling from Beyoncégate, the ensuing backlash following the revelation that the superstar lip synched at the presidential inauguration, Queen Bey has but one shot to redeem herself: the Super Bowl halftime show this Sunday.

The singer has been down in New Orleans rehearsing for the big day, teasing fans on Instagram,, and now YouTube, where she’s posted a 42-second countdown video showing off some of the choreography we’ll see this weekend. We don’t get to hear Bey doing any vocals (other than the “Countdown” track), but we think it’s a safe bet we’ll be hearing her belt it out on stage soon enough.

See if you can make out some of the set list from the choreography below. We think we spot “Single Ladies”!

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Dan Abrams, Founder