3 Years Later, Beyonce Finally Reveals Her Wedding Dress!

Beyonce‘s “I Was Here” almost made us cry the first time we heard it, so you can only imagine the outpouring of cathartic emotional response we experienced watching a video of her performing it live, interspersed with film clips chronicling her 30 years on Earth — including trying on her wedding dress.

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The performer’s marriage to Jay-Z in April 2008 was probably one of the best-kept secrets in celebrity history — until today, not a single photo of Beyonce in her dress, having cake or dancing with her guests has been seen. But in the video below, which primarily shows her in a live performance at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City, she is seen trying on a strapless white gown, which she may have worn when she walked down the aisle.

The train strapless drop-waist creation fills the grainy video frame just before you see a shot of Beyonce grinning ear-to-ear. We can’t determine who made the dress (honestly, what bridal designer hasn’t made a strapless drop-waist gown with a long flowing train?) but we can say that it is a large, intricate-looking piece of work fit for a queen.

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If you want to skip ahead to just see the dress, we’ll understand. You’ll see it around the 3:35 mark (and we’ve also included some screenshots below), but we think the whole experience is vastly improved if you just wait it out. Take a look, below.

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