Trend Report: Big Butts Are In for Summer 2010

Small butts are officially out.

At least that’s what New York’s Daily News wants us to believe. In an article titled “Rearing to go! Big butts are summer 2010’s hottest trend,” Gina Salamone posits that big butts are actually the height of summer style — never mind the nautical stripe or slightly sheer fabrics or the cuff roll (which, friends, we will get to later today). No, no. Gotta have a big butt for S/S ’10.

Salamone cites the increasing popularity and megastar fame of women like Kim Kardashian and Serena Williams, both of whom have had their posteriors lauded all over the world. But what the article delves into more than anything is how these women came to cope with their large butts, as though they were some cancerous obstacle that needed to be bludgeoned and defeated with the Silver Sword of Self-Esteem.

On Miss Williams:

Serena Williams reveals that it took her years to accept her curvy backside, joining other full-figured celebrities embracing their broader bottoms this beach season … Williams admits that it wasn’t until she turned 23 that she realized she’d never have the same shape as her sister Venus.

“I’m super-curvy,” the 28-year-old tennis titan says in the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar. “I have big boobs and this massive butt.”

From Miss Kardashian:

“I started developing at a really young age,” she adds. “Like, at 11, before my big sister, and I was really uncomfortable. As I got older, my mom taught me to be proud of what I have. I’m Armenian and we’re curvy women, so, yeah, I pride myself on being happy with what I’ve been given.”

We’re happy both women — and celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, whose butt also gets a few lines of the article — are proud of what phenotypic expression gave them. That’s a good thing. Because, hey, you can’t get rid of the butt nature dealt you. Even Salamone writes that “big butts are here to stay.”

But see, that’s the conflict. Big butts will stay — on big bootied women. What happens when they lose favor with fashion in the fall? Or next summer, when svelte celebrities with no asses to speak of once again take to the paparazzi-patrolled beaches of the world and end up in tabloids? What then?

You can call it a celebration of women’s nautural, beautiful curves. You can call it a much-needed shift in what we as Americans accept as beautiful. But don’t call it a trend — trends come and go like the wind, but we’re all stuck with our bodies, like them or not. As far as we here at Styleite are concerned, a big, beautiful butt will always be in style.

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