PHOTOS: The 9 Biggest Fashion Moments Of 2011

How will we remember 2011? Probably as The Year When All That Stuff Happened. There was no shortage of scandal and intrigue, public unrest and famous people dying. But there were also weddings, births, record-breaking auctions and amazing clothes presented on every catwalk. Which is why we’d like to remember this year’s best moments in fashion — as a reminder that when the rest of the world talks, the fashion world listens, responds and grows.

Clothes are great, but what’s even greater is when they’re worn for a great occasion or to make a statement. So most of this year’s top fashion moments weren’t just great outfits — they were great events. Whether the garments and accessories (and the people who wore them) included on this list broke records, became cultural institutions or inspired great art, they all looked damn good doing it.

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Dan Abrams, Founder