Bill O’Reilly Goes To NYFW, Finds ‘Money Is No Object For These People’

Hey fashion industry! In case you weren’t already keenly aware, Bill O’Reilly finds you most distasteful. And now, he’s taken to his Fox News soapbox The O’Reilly Factor to prove just how narcissistic, lazy, and ignorant we all are by sending correspondent Jesse Watters into the (very hungry) belly of the beast: New York Fashion Week.

As O’Reilly sees it:

“Times are tough for many Americans, but not for the idle rich. And there were plenty of them floating around New York City last week, because it was the fashion industry’s big exposition.”

Watters is determined to track down these idle rich and pick their brains about everything from how they manage to stay so svelte to the finer points of Paul Ryan‘s budget plan. Among his interviewees are Real Housewives star Countess LuAnn, newbie Canadian model Senait Gidey, and designer Kimora Lee Simmons, whose reaction pretty much says it all: “You’re putting me on O’Reilly?! He doesn’t like stuff like this, girls like us. He’s not on our team? No.”

What the intrepid pair of pundits conclude is that:

“When you go to a place like this, money is no object for these people, right? They’re spending, what? Five, six thousand dollars on their little dresses.”

It’s unclear who “these people” are — the editors and bloggers who, let’s be honest, are hardly pulling six-figures? The barely-of-age models who are frequently expected to accept tank tops in lieu of actual pay? We’re leaning towards the latter, given O’Reilly’s charming sign-off: “They have plenty of money, but they just don’t eat.”

[Fox News]

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