Bill O’Reilly Has A Bone To Pick With Lady Gaga

Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly threw some serious shade at Lady Gaga last week, denouncing her recent antics (like her Thanksgiving special and Gaga’s Workshop at Barneys) as sad attempts at getting more exposure that she really doesn’t need. We, of course, respectfully disagree.

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On his blog, O’Reilly writes that instead of trying to be everything to everyone at all times, she should devote her time and energy to doing things that are actually relevant to her ethos — and not, you know, deep frying turkey on national television. He actually accuses her of “jumping the shark” by participating in all sorts of holiday merriment, like opening an entire section of Barneys devoted to Christmas.

What I can’t figure out is why Gaga’s (Stefani Germanotta) management team seems to know nothing about history … Last year, Gaga (Stefani) made $90 million from her songs and shows. Does she really need the Thanksgiving special? Or the Barney’s exposure? Really?

The answer is “of course not.” Gaga has now gone middle class mainstream, and at this rate, she will be co-hosting with Kelly Ripa any day now. The Lady may be trying not be a tramp, but she certainly has met the shark. And jumped it.

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We have our own issues with Lady Gaga’s overexposure — sometimes it seems like we can’t get away from her — but we can’t begrudge a girl a little nationally syndicated fun around the holidays. Because it’s the holidays, which are all about happiness and joy and being with people and deep frying things on TV. Who could possibly object to that? Bill O’Reilly.

[Bill O’Reilly via The Cut.]

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