8 Bizarre Celebrity Red Carpet Secrets To Try This Weekend (If You Dare)

Drinking lots of water and always removing makeup at night? Not that spiel again. We prefer when stars just straight-up admit their beauty routines are taxing, and when they hit the red carpet, we’d prefer them to flash us a leg and a gaudy stripper heel

Unfortunately most celebrities aren’t as candid about their red carpet secrets as Dame Helen Mirren is, so we had to do a little digging. And what we found makes stripper heels seem as normal as a three-day juice cleanse. Eating your lippy and rubbing food on your face? Heels for dudes? Panty liners where?

Click through for five weird tricks celebrities use for looking their best when the whole world’s watching. Some of them might come in handy for whatever you’ve got planned this weekend, and others we’ll be staying right the hell away from.

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