Rod Blagojevich Spent $400K On Clothes While Gov. Of Illinois

Remember former governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich? A quick refresher: He was the 40th governor of Illinois who got in trouble for his “pay to play” offer over finding a replacement for President Barack Obama’s vacated senate seat in 2008. He had a minor stint in “The Apprentice,” and an even more minor one as his wife’s Skype buddy on “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.” He’s that politician with the eerie porcelain doll smile and weird hair.

Oh, and according to the Chicago Tribune, the politician-on-trial and his wife, Patti, had no problem spending $400,000 on clothes during his time as governor. This is coming from a man who often claimed that lawmakers were spending the public’s money “like drunken sailors.”

IRS agent Shari Schindler found this unsettling discovery while flipping through the family’s personal finances. While we definitely plead guilty to spending our rent money on the latest sample sale, it is hard for us to fathom a spending spree that outdoes the cost of the mortgage of one’s own home in Chicago’s North Side — in this case, Blagojevich’s.

So how does one spend $400,000 on wardrobe alone? According to the former governor, lots of expensive tailoring. Blagojevich’s spending ventures include $205,706 alone at Oxxford, a go-to tailor for high-end custom suits. His credit card record shows that just a single day with the suit maker cost $20,000. Seems like Blagojevich had a lot of needed retail therapy during his term.To give a more clear-cut on the politician’s surprising satorial desires, the articles states that in another month, records show $12,000 was charged on clothes and $81 on toys.

With so much money invested in a literal sea of nice duds, where is this money not going? Hilariously enough, expenditures did not go towards personal vehicles or legal bills. Instead, the state supplied transportation and the latter came from his campaign funds.

For some who’s such a fan of pay-for-play, might we suggest reaching out to retail PR offices for some high-end rentals in exchange for some mentions in the Tribune?

[Via Chicago Tribune]

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